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What Do I Say to a Prospect to Get Them to Move?

Many advisors have the opportunity to make a big difference in their clients’ lives by helping them with life settlements.  A better understanding of life settlements could help.

Bob Larsen is an expert with solutions for you to consider that you may not have considered before.

Passionate about helping the advisor obtain the best offer for their client(s), Bob shares the best ways to approach the topic of life settlements while maintaining the highest level of compliance that exceeds industry standards.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • A common misconception people have about selling their policy
  • Why you should use the word “institutional trust” when discussing life settlements
  • Why more and more people may start hearing about settlements as an option
  • And Bob’s number one piece of advice for advisors on how to approach clients about life settlements

Tune in now to learn how to address life settlements with your clients!

Resources: Settlement Masters | The Rushmore Private Client Group  | 877-927-7243


The Fantastic Five: 5 Methodologies for Finding Prospects for Life Settlements

Getting excited about prospecting comes easily to Bob Larsen, especially with there being so many people who could benefit from a life settlement. In fact, 70% of seniors over 80 years old own a life insurance policy that will be cashed out or lapsed before they pass away.

But how does Bob find these people?Today, Bob is sharing his five tried-and-true methodologies for finding life settlement prospects.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why the saying “always be prospecting” is important
  • Several ways to get connected with the 80-year-olds, and up, target market
  • Why family members are a valuable source for prospecting
  • The role that estate planners play in your prospecting plan
  • And more!

Tune in to learn about Bob’s five prospect methodologies and get excited about finding diamonds in the rough who are waiting for your help!

Resources: Settlement Masters | Diana Kyle, Senior Relations Manager: 877-927-7243 | The Rushmore Private Client Group  

De-Myth the Settlement Industry

Since there are numerous myths surrounding the settlement industry, people who are reviewing their life insurance policies might overlook the option of considering a life settlement.

Today, Bob Larsen exposes common myths about the settlement industry and shares how you can apply this information.

To help you gain clarity about life settlements, Bob explains:

  • What it means to consider a life settlement.
  • What concerns people usually have about selling their life insurance policies.
  • Who will buy these life insurance policies?
  • How life insurance is a different kind of asset compared to other policy types.
  • How to broach the subject of life settlements with parents who are 80+ years old.
  • And how families can get the most out of their life insurance policies.

Tune in now to learn how you and your family can maximize your life insurance policy!

Resources: The Rushmore Private Client Group | Settlement Masters

A Volcano is about to Blow in the Insurance Industry

Boomers are sitting on top of a volcano that is about to blow. They are losing millions of $, and they are totally unaware of what is happening: they’re sitting on top of a volcano that is about to blow in the insurance industry.

Join Bob as he explains how and why eight major insurance companies are at this point of near-explosion.

  • Why, after hundreds of years, would insurance companies increase the expenses inside of their life policies?
  • Why have these insurance companies chosen policies issued between the years 1990-2009?
  • How come baby boomers with life insurance are particularly vulnerable?
  • Why is it essential for baby boomers to have a financial analysis on their life insurance policies?
  • What is the benefit of the analysis?
  • What should people consider when they’re buying life insurance?

Resources: The Rushmore Private Client Group | Settlement Masters


The Evolution of a Great Industry

There is a growing opportunity for seniors who own life insurance. However, a poll has revealed  90% of seniors had no idea this opportunity existed and many were disappointed their financial advisors didn’t discuss this with them.  

In today’s podcast, Bob Larsen explains how seniors could benefit financially from life insurance settlements.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why the life insurance industry has exploded and what it means for senior policyholders
  • What institutional funds consider when making the decision to buy a policy from a senior
  • What financial opportunities may be in store for people 70 to 90 years old
  • Examples of life insurance settlement success stories from Bob’s clients
  • What seniors should know if they are considering cashing in or lapsing a life insurance policy
  • Why Bob believes that it’s essential for seniors to have an analytic, objective diagnostic done on their life insurance portfolio

Tune in now to learn how a life insurance settlement may benefit you, your family, or your clients!

Resources: Settlement Masters™ | The Rushmore “Private Client” Group


Don’t Miss the Diamonds in Your Own Backyard

Are you missing opportunities that are right in front of you?

In today’s podcast, Bob Larsen shares stories about people who have had life-changing experiences by tapping into resources they’d had all along.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The story of a diamond-seeker that inspired this podcast’s title
  • How Bob’s teenage work experience inspired his niche in the insurance industry
  • What listeners can expect to learn from Acres of Diamonds Podcast
  • Examples of life insurance settlement opportunities that people often overlook
  • Ways that settlement money may be reinvested to exceed the value of life insurance
  • Why it is essential to view your life insurance portfolio as an asset, and what actions to take

Tune in now to learn more about how the opportunity that can change our lives might be sitting right next to us!

Resources: The Rushmore Private Client Group | Settlement Masters