The Origin and Work of the Rushmore Consulting Group

Rushmore Consulting Group, a sister company of Settlement Masters, was formed by Bob Larsen in 1981. 

In today’s podcast, Bob shares how Rushmore Consulting Group originated and what they do for their clients. He also opens up about his experience in the insurance industry and how it has influenced his work with life settlements. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What makes an insurance advisor an expert
  • How having the knowledge of a policy’s construction helps when working with life settlement clients
  • What makes insurance an asset versus an expense
  • What Rushmore Consulting Group does differently from other estate planning firms
  • How Rushmore Consulting Group and Settlement Masters work together

Tune in now to learn about the Rushmore Group and how they can help you with estate planning. 

Resources:  Settlement Masters: (800) 824-3911| Rushmore Consulting Group